Lost / Broken / Replacement

For FOB issues, contact Beth Griffis (Medical Science Building M128)

Lost FOBs, see below.

Step 1:

Contact  Beth Griffis (Medical Science Building M128) and let her know that you have lost your FOB so it can be deactivated and a new one can be ordered.

Step 2:

It will take 2-3 business days for your FOB replacement to arrive.

You will receive a notification email letting you know your FOB is ready. Please print the email and take it with you to pick up your new FOB.

Complete the FOB replacement form and submit your payment (replacement FOBs are $10) to the Shands cashier. (map to cashier #6)


On the cash deposit form please circle 0101 – UF. Make sure your name, UFID, and phone number are at the bottom.
Once you pay, and the Shands cashier signs the form, take it and the printed email to the Facilities Administration Building (FAB) (directions to the FAB building).  The person at the front desk will be able to assist you.

Step 3:

Once received, contact: Beth Griffis with the numbers on the back of the FOB.

Your scrub account is linked to your FOB and may take 24 – 48 hours for reactivation.