Ilios Calendar

The Ilios application is now available to provide academic calendars for first-year and second-year medical students. You can access Ilios via the following link (no VPN required); you will need to log in via GatorLink.

Ilios Link

Ilios is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Instructions and images below reflect the most recent revision.


Student Calendar View

The default view in Ilios populates user-specific events for students showing only events associated with the individual student’s academic calendar/schedule. Clicking on an event will provide more information. Simply click the back arrow to go to previous page. Upon logging in, Week at a Glance will populate for the individual user. To see more, select “ALl Weeks” on the right side of screen.

Click “Activities” button depicted by orange arrow below) to see all activities over the next 60 days, or click “Calendar” button to see calendar view.

Scrolling over or clicking an event generates a dialog that shows more details about the event.

Calendar Feed / Subscription

Ilios allows students to generate a Calendar Feed link which can be used to subscribe to the student’s calendar (in an external calendar application or service, such as Google Calendar).

Click the Calendar Feed button on the dashboard:

Select Copy My ICS Link, and paste the link into your calendar application.

*NOTE: The date range for the calendar feed is currently two months forward and four months backwards, for a total of six months. The designers of Ilios made this decision based on the best combination of speed and functionality of the system. The UF COM constantly reviews Ilios updates, and will update the system should Ilios make changes resulting in displaying a longer date range. To see dates outside of the six month window, users may use the calendar filtering below.

Calendar Filtering

Ilios provides a Search/Filter function to filter what is shown on the calendar, for example to view all events on both the first year and second year academic calendars.

First click both All Events and Show Filters:

Then select Course/Type, and the course(s) to display.

To select all sessions associated with a particular year, click Detail.

Then click the respective Course Level, e.g., 1 = MS-1; 2 = MS-2 or Program Cohort.

Class Attendance Policy

Students must attend all labs, small group sessions, physical exam and interview practice sessions, and patient presentations. Attendance at lecture is at the student’s discretion as lectures will be available on line. Students must attend at least 90% of required learning activities to pass the course.

*The following chart represents colors viewed in Ilios. Please refer to instructions provided from course directors or course managers as the ultimate authority.

Ilios Help & Support

If you have a question or encounter a problem with Ilios, you can contact us here.